“Ancient Harbour” and “Ancient Harbour Fund”

We have started to implement the project “Senā osta/Ancient Harbour”. It aims to maintain the endangered non-material culture heritage – wooden shipbuilding skills in Latvia, passing the skills to next generation and evoking interest in craftmanship and seamanship. The first stage of the project also envisions the reconstruction of full scale historical Riga ship – this accomplishment would serve as a milestone for Latvian archaeologists, historians and other experts who have studied historical ships in Latvia.
To fulfil this intention, the association “Senās ostas fonds/Ancient Harbour Fund” was established. Its task is to attract EU funding and investments, to initiate and further develop this project into significant cultural, educational, entertaining, and tourism-attracting object of Riga infrastructure on the coast of Daugava river.

Association/Public benefit organisation “Rīgas Kuģis/Riga Ship” – Aigars Baiks, Viktors Saulītis, Edgars Motmillers, Andis Bunkšis, Ritvars Zemītis

Board chairman:
Andis Bunkšis
Phone: +371 29208353
E-mail: andis.bunksis@gmail.com

An association “Senās ostas fonds/Ancient Harbour Fund” is established on 8th June 2016. Registered in Register of Associations and Foundations on 5th August 2016.

An association “Senās ostas fonds/Ancient Harbour Fund”
Registration number: 40008254446
Bank: AS Swedbank
Account: LV97HABA0551042302202