The Land and The Sea – God’s gift to Mankind. While The Land feeds and protects, the Sea not only marks the boundaries of land but also incorporates its continuity and The Way into The World for its inhabitants.

The Sea and ships – throughout the centuries, the sea has tempted the men to build ships and to travel The World by sea.

Time bonds the land, the sea and the mankind. We have the present and the past whose wealth belongs to the future. Wealth must be found and stashed away like a hidden treasure. The seekers and keepers of these treasures are among us, they unite, so The Land and The Sea maintains The Time bond with The Mankind.

Men come together in the present to connect the past and the future for Latvia to have the ships of the past. Without these there would be no white yachts, nor proud liners, nor the great giants of the sea. No fantastic shapes of the ships of tomorrow would be possible without the legacy of Viking ships.

That’s how it’s meant to be, because Latvia has always been the gateway to the high seas. And Latvia may be proud of its Men for whom The Sea and Ships have always served as the tightest bond to The Land where their Way in this World began.

In Riga, in spring 2013, the association “Rīgas Kuģis/Riga Ship” was founded.

In the beginning of 2015 the association “Rīgas Kuģis/Riga Ship” obtained the status of a public benefit organisation.