Participation of association “Rīgas Kuģis/Riga Ship” in 4th International Maritime History Readings in Latvian Maritime Academy on 12th October 2017

On 12th October 2017 the Latvian Maritime Academy organizes the annual 4th International Maritime History Readings “Maritime history research in the Baltic Sea Region: Challenges, Achievements and Results”.

Readings will be attended by speakers from Sweden, Finland, USA, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania and Latvia, and knowledge of current issues in exploration of maritime history will be shared.

Viktors Saulītis, member of the Board of the “Rīgas Kuģis/Riga Ship”, will perform his readings on theme “Arturs Eižens Zalsters (1922-2008) – a historian and researcher of ancient Latvian shipping”.

International Maritime History readings will be held in Riga, Latvian Maritime Academy, Study Center, B1 auditorium, Flotes Street 12 (Daugavgrīva).

Working language – English, conversational – Latvian, English.

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