The model of Riga ship is displayed at the Carnikava Folk House “Ozolaine” in interactive exhibition “Vēstures gars/The Spirit of History” from 4th August – 2nd September 2017

On 4th August 2017 an interactive exhibition “Vēstures gars/The Spirit of History” was opened in the Carnikava Folk House “Ozolaine”, inviting large and small visitors to get to know Carnikava’s fishing history and to go on a symbolic journey through the times, choosing the most reliable companion of the inhabitants of Carnikava – a boat.

In the exhibition presents materials about fishing, multi-hull yachts and catamarans built in Carnikava.

Particular attention is devoted to the catamaran “Kaupo”, which from 1999 until 2003 was sailing around the world, choosing the most difficult direction – from east to west. In 2008, the catamaran “Kaupo” under the command of Captain Aleksandrs Popovs put sails for a second trip around the world, choosing the opposite direction – from west to east. Unfortunately, at the end of 2009, contacts with “Kaupo” and its team completely broke up, and to this day there is no clear message about its fate. Igors Pimenovs, the first expedition participant, will offer insights into his own collection of catamaran “Kaupo” – such as, model of catamaran, paintings brought from significant places of expedition, letters and other materials.

The association “Rīgas Kuģis/Riga Ship”, which aims to preserve the knowledge and skills of historical crafts in the construction of wooden ships in Latvia, has created opportunity to get acquaint with model of Riga ship that was 12th century  build boat and been found during the excavations in Old Riga.

In 26th August, during the Lamprey festival, from 10:00 to 18:00, the “City Yacht Club” Children’s Sailing School will bring a small yacht to the Carnikava Folk House and will share information on opportunities for children to learn sailing skills.

The exhibition can be visited every working day from 10:00 to 16:00. In other time please call 29541105.

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