Viking ship also offers recreational trips in the Daugava River

On 5th of August 2016 Viking ship “Indriķis” was represented at the Akmens Bridge. Normunds Jērums, representative of the association “Latvian warrior” informed that Viking ship “Indriķis” will offer recreational trips in the Daugava River.

The Viking ship “Indriķis” is reduced copy of the most famous and beautiful Viking ship “Oseberg”. The ship is built in Latvia, in Birzgale region from 2010-2014. The length of the ship is 14,85 m, the width is 3,65 m, the height is 3,60 m. So far, there are only three replicas of the “Oseberg” ship in the world, of which two are built in Latvia.

Viking ship “Oseberg” (Norwegian “Osebergskipet”) was found in 1904 at the Tonsberg burial ground in the northern province of Westfold, near the sea on the right bank of the Oslo Fjord. It was covered with an earthy cluster of 6,50 meters in height and 40 meters in diameter. The boat and its contents are exhibited at the Oslo Viking Ship Museum. The dendrochronological dataset indicates that the ship was built between year 800 and 834. It is possible that the vessel was used in inland or coastal waters, but it is not excluded that Viking ship also sailed in the open sea. The total length of the ship is 21,58 meters, width 5,10 meters, it is built in clinker technique from oak wood, reinforced with iron rivets. The ship could reach 10 miles speed. The ship has had 15 rowing pairs requiring at least 30 oarsmen. It has splendid decorations with twisted motifs, animal and plant elements.

The ship is managed by the association “Latvian warrior”.

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